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Setting Up Realistic Fitness Goals during Covid-19 Pandemic

Your fitness adventure can still continue during the pandemic with a bit of reframing and reprioritization. You don't need a lot of money to continue working toward your fitness goals which promotes longevity, good health and that feel-good emotion. 

You may need to realise what shorter-term, realistic fitness goals will help you achieve long-term benefits. In this case, a proper guideline is a must. So how do you set up fitness goals during the pandemic?





Setting fitness goals during the pandemic:

#1 Why Setting up Fitness Goals are Essential during Pandemic?


"Goal-setting is critical to obtaining your intended goal," says the registered dietitian Cecelia Jacobson.


The COVID-19 pandemic produced by SARS-CoV-2 has posed a severe danger to human society regarding health, economics, and lifestyle.


Regular physical exercise is more crucial than ever for keeping healthy during a pandemic – yet it may also appear to be more difficult than ever. Even though you are safer from COVID-19 at home, there are still some serious health hazards to be careful of when you live alone. 


You may find yourself slipping into a sedentary lifestyle that includes long periods of sitting in front of a television or gazing at a smart phone screen. This can result in weight gain, muscular weakness, and joint injury.



Simply getting a few minutes of exercise each day can help you avoid these health hazards. Generally, physicians recommend 150 minutes per week or 5 thirty minute sessions of moderate exercise.


Another significant risk you face while in quarantine is a deterioration in your emotional health. Doing regular exerciser helps your body create more dopamine, a chemical messenger for sending happiness to your brain. 


Therefore it will reduce pain and enhance enjoyment. To accomplish all of these benefits, a well-organized fitness goal setting is mandatory.




#2 6 Realistic Fitness Goals during Pandemic


Here are 6 realistic fitness goals to set up during a pandemic to achieve maximum health benefits:


  • Bring Consistency into Your Practice


To implement consistency, a plan of action has to be developed. This four-step approach of creating objectives is an excellent strategy to realize your fitness goals:


  • Your starting point established by your initial body composition evaluation, movement quality, and capability
  • Resources necessary to achieve your objectives such as time, facilities, funds, and assistance (a coach)
  • Your coach will help you to develop a diet, training program and any lifestyle requirements.




  • A Short Term Goal


Let's begin with the short-term goal. It may not be feasible in the near future if you don't have access to a beautiful home gym to set high goals with but exercising for 30 minutes a day may be a short-term objective while you're on a COVID lockdown.





  • Assign a Fitness Coach


Having a personal fitness coach comes in helpful as they will do detailed evaluations to assist you in understanding a good starting point for your exercises.

To make sure you can achieve your training objective daily, you need to determine how to alternate body-weight training at home with cardiovascular activity.


  • Daily Exercise for 30 Mins 


Consider what you have done in the past while thinking about what you would like to do for 30 minutes each day if that is a realistic aim for you. This goal will be easy to achieve if you have done something like this in the past but it may be preferable to establish a starting goal of 10 minutes a day if you haven't exercised always.


  • Maintain the Daily Routine


Then, let's look at the resources you need for fitness training, 30 minutes a day. You must follow your daily schedule, have family support, have the room to practice and do your exercises daily. After three to four weeks, it will become abnormal not to do the exercises and you will want to add to them.


  • Follow A Balanced Diet 


Finally, it would help if you had a specific recipe or food chart to accomplish your goal.


We recommend you hire a professional coach for a balanced diet program to meet your needs. Don’t forget to eat healthy seasonal fruits everyday! It will boost your immunity.



Bottom Line-


Having specific short-term goals is an excellent approach to improve your long-term fitness results. All you need is to follow those fundamental goals properly to get a healthy life during the pandemic.

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