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Kettleblells, a great way to improve core muscles and burn some calories.

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If you have never heard of kettle-bells, well than you are in for a treat.

One of the most  popular remedial rehabilitation tools you can find. The amount of different exercises you can do with a kettle-bell are endless and so beneficial. W heather you have just had major surgery, slipped on a banana peel or just wanting to increase you mobility and lose a few kilos. Kettle-bells are the way to go…

Using the kettle-bell in the correct way by swinging it up and round the bend you are not only getting a great workout but you are burning calories and improving cardiovascular health.


Now, like anything new or have’t done for a decade or two it’s best to start out light with your focus on movement and as you create a daily routine and start felling stronger increase your reps and /or weight of your kettle-bell. But remember, always consult a professional before doing anything too stupid and ending up flat on your back.

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